High Tech, High Touch NOW

Lone Star Staffing Solutions leverages 20+ years of experience to maxmize your selection process. We target and identify talent the NEW fashion way, by utilizing Artificial Intelligence

and Predictive Analytics. 

Our unique on-boarding enables productivity from day one.

Now, how can we help you find the right talent fit for your team?

Strategic Workforce Initiatives NOW

Lone Star Staffing Solutions is a woman-owned staffing firm with a long-standing track record of enabling our clients to achieve their strategic workforce initiatives. We provide trusted, consultative service by listening and responding to the needs of our clients and candidates. 

Now, how can we help you meet your strategic workforce initiatives?

We put U in SUCCESS

Lone Star Staffing Solutions has a national reach with a local touch. Our collaborative network is home to highly-skilled, dedicated recruiters, and we expertly deliver with integrity, speed, discretion, and long-term results. We are committed to making a real and lasting difference. 

Now, how can we help you fully realize your strategic workforce goals?


We live on the leading edge of Workforce and Human Resource Initiatives.